About Us

The Sidama Media Network will be an independent and non-profit media organization that will

  1. Preserve and develop the Sidama history, culture and language through documentation, recording and dissemination of credible, reliable and impartial information on all issues that matter to the nation.
  2. Provide alternative sources of information on a range of issues that are of interest to Sidama and other Ethiopians giving special attention to some of the most underreported stories from Sidama and other southern states.
  3. Deliver high quality services to the Sidama people who have profound hunger for reliable, timely and useful information.
  4. Mitigating the social and psychological impacts of increasingly misleading, disruptive and distortive narrations of Ethiopian history and cultural diversity.
  5. Provide civic and political awareness education and promote sense of self-reliance among the Sidama people.
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